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BonznStonz: Fossils and Minerals
c/o Michael R. Fellenz
Irving, New York

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Welcome to the Web Site of BonznStonz: Fossils and Minerals.Our names are Ashley, Mikey and Michael, and along with being collectors we are also the creators of the site you're visiting now. We've created this site in hopes of reaching others who share our passion for collecting and providing an outlet to sell some of the numerous specimens that we've collected and purchased from around the world. Please feel free to send any comments you might have to the E-mail address provided.

New Arrivals

We have just aquired an Ilium and a Ishium from an Parasaurolophus (Hadrosaur). Both pieces are from the same animal. Wealso have some new teeth, a Edmontosaurus scapula and a few other bones as well. We've also aquired a few pieces from a Maisaur as well new minerals. The dinosaur bones come from the infamous Hells Creek Formation in South Dakota. Check out our Dinosaur page and our Mineral pages for some real deals.

Edmontosaurus scapulaParasaurolophus IshiumEdmontosaurus annectus  ribsMontgomeryite, Roberstite   and Whitlockite


The gallery of images that you will see here are not all of the specimens we have for sale. We have over a ton of mineral, jewelry and fossil specimens of every kind imaginable, and in every shape and size. If there is anything that you're looking for but don't see, please feel free to contact us regarding the availability. We are constantly purchasing new pieces and if we don't have it in stock, we can normally get it within a few days. If you see something which you feel you'd like to have but can't afford at it's present us. We'll gladly try to work out terms reasonable to both parties. Our primary goal is to try and afford everybody the opportunity to own a "piece of the past." We like most of you are collector's first and foremost. We reinvest all of our money back into the business, while trying to pass on quality fossils, minerals and jewelry we feel you'll like. At the present time we accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Money Orders, Bank and Certified Checks. Costs are price of the specimen plus Shipping and Handling. Specimens will be shipped by UPS unless specified otherwise.

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Our guarantee is this, cut and dry

If for any reason your not satisfied, with the specimen you've purchased, please return it in it's original condition within 30 days for a complete refund. Your money will be refunded upon receipt of the specimen. In no way do we want to lose the respect or our customers. We value your patronage too much.

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