Some of the nicest samples I have are on this page. Wasn't sure just exactly where to put them, so I decided they would get their own page. Click onto the images shown for a nicer blowup of each sample. In order to make room for new stock some items have been discounted.

dinosaur track plate(SOLD) Anchisauripus Dinosaur Tracks, Chicopee River, Mass., Early Jurassic: Beautiful plate which features "9" positive Anchisauripus tracks. A few other incomplete tracks not highlighted. Plate measures a whopping 31" x 20" x 1". Very few plates this beautiful. Priced at $850.00.


dinosaur eggWanghshi Series, Xixia, Henan Province, China. Cretaceous Age. What can I say about this egg besides just beautiful. Measures nearly 5" in diameter and has approximately 70% of the shell intact. Price is $750.00

dinosaur shell fragmentsDinosaur Egg Shell Fragments, Duckbill Dinosaur, Chateaneuf Le Rouge, France, Cretaceous Age: Approximately 12 pieces of Duckbill egg shell beautiful placed in a 6" x 5 1/2" case. Only two of these left, priced at $25.00

dinosaur toothDinosaur Tooth, Spinosaurus, Baharija Formation, Morocco, Cretaceous Age: Only one I have, nice looking 3" long Spinosaurus tooth. Must have been broken during removal from the matrix. I have quite a few teeth on my shelves, let me know if there's anything particular your looking for. Looks good and would be a nice piece to admire, priced at $100.00

shark toothFossil Shark Tooth, Carcaradon, Texas Gulf Phosphate Mine, Aurora, N. Carolina, Miocene Age: Beautiful 2" x 1 1/4" Carcaradon tooth on a large piece of matrix. Nice tooth showing excellent striations on both sides. I only have one of these and it probably won't last long. Priced at only $100.00.

dino tooth 2Pterosaur Tooth, Baharija Formation, Taouz, Morocco, Cretaceous Age: Beautiful Pterosaur tooth which measures approximately 1 1/4" in length. Enamel is still present and and excellent specimen for $100.00

dino tooth 2Hadrosaur Tooth, Judith River Formation, Lewistown, Montana, Cretaceous Age: Nice Hadrosaur tooth measuring over an 1 1/2" in length. Piece sits off the edge of matrix Broken in three spots but still a nice piece for the price. Only $75.00 for this one

dino tooth 2Raptor Tooth, Baharija Formation, Taouz, Morocco, Cretaceous Age: Excellent Raptor tooth here. Approximately 1" in length and nearly all the enamel left on this piece. Excellent buy for $80.00.

dino tooth 2Batrachopus Dinosaur Tracks, Uppermost Passaic Formation, Passaic County, New Jersey, Lower Jurassic Age: Beautiful dinosaur tracks in matrix. This piece measures 10" x 8" x 5" and shows at least 2 negative tracks and a few other partials. Piece weighs over 10 pounds. This piece makes and excellent conversation piece and sits nicely on a table where it gets the attention it deserves. Priced now at only $225.00.

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Our guarantee is this, cut and dry

If for any reason your not satisfied, with the specimen you've purchased, please return it in it's original condition within 30 days for a complete refund. Your money will be refunded upon receipt of the specimen. In no way do we want to lose the respect or our customers. We value your patronage too much.

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