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BonznStonz: Fossils and Minerals
c/o Michael R. Fellenz
Irving, New York


This page is devoted to plant fossils and related items. Click onto any of the images you see here and you'll see a blowup of the thumbnail.

petrified woodNEWPetrified Wood limbs, Madagascar, Miocene Age: Beautiful Petrified wood limbs from Madagascar. Nice pieces starting from only $10.00 and going upwards.

sequoia affinisNEWSequoia affinis from Beaverhead Co., Montana (Ruby River Basin) Oligocence Age: Beautiful sequoia fossils on a light colored matrix. Fantastic detail in these pieces, only a few left. This piece priced at $12.00.

cypress woodNEW- 1 left Cypress Wood Cohansey Formation, Cumberland DCo, N.J., Cretaceous Age: Nice looking pieces of Cypress wood from a great location. I was told that theses pieces are flourescent but I've been unable to verify it due to a broken light. Nice size and priced at $10.00 apiece. Only a few left.

sequoia affinisNEWSequoia affinis, Beaver County, Montana, Oligocence Age: Nice looking sequoia fossil imprints. Nice pieces but not as pronounced as the ones above. Great price for a nice looking piece. Range from $3.50 and above.

petrified wood (plant)Petrified Wood, Sequoia, Vantage, Washington, Miocene Age: Nice piece of petrified wood here, sample measures 5" x 3 1/2" x 1/2" . Polished on one side and priced at $30.00.

fossil plant fernFossil Ferns, Alethopteris sp. , Pottsville Formation, St. Clair, P.A.. Pennsylvanian Age: I've got tons of these ferns in every size shape and price. The one pictured above goes for only $5.00.

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Our guarantee is this, cut and dry

If for any reason your not satisfied, with the specimen you've purchased, please return it in it's original condition within 30 days for a complete refund. Your money will be refunded upon receipt of the specimen. In no way do we want to lose the respect or our customers. We value your patronage too much.

People, I got tons of this Fern priced from $5.00 and up. Just E-mail me with your request or call.

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